2003 SR5 V8 4WD
Putco Plasma LED backup lights (921).  More light for backing up at nights on the trail.

Stubbs Welding heavy duty w/kickout rock sliders.

Full set of Bud Built skid plates. The stock ones are adequate, but would be no match for the granite that we see on the trails in the Sierra's.  The stock skid plate on the fuel tank was a particular concern.

Independent Fog light mod.  Kinda nice to still have the fogs on when the brights are on.  I also like to have lights on when driving on rural roads, and instead of burning bugs into the headlights having the fogs on are a better proposition.

Bilstein 5100 shocks. The stock shocks were spent at 80K, and these would enable me to raise it up with (daystar rear spring spacers) when I get around to it.  The stock suspension does have more articulation with the 5100's installed.

Differential vent extention mod:

As far as I know the front differential, tranny, and transaxle have vents high enough to not
have to worry about water intrusion, but for some reason the rear differential does not. Thus,

As you can see in the above photo, I left a coil of hose to allow for suspension travel.  At the top right
of the above photo you can just make out a zip tie.  I zip tied the hose to the rigid fuel filler line.

I then ran the hose along the fuel lines over, and then up to the back of the fuel filler.

    What you need:
        (1). 6' 5/16" fuel line.
        (2). Barb fitting. Toyota Part #90404-51319. This replaces the vent on the differential
                and allows you to attach a hose.  I couldn't find a similar metric fitting anywhere
                else.  Be prepared to pay ~$12 at the dealer for this little thing.
        (3). Zip ties.
        (4). Small hose clamps.

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